A swallow makes a summer, home.

Yesterday, I sat in a room listening to some sort of motivational speaker from morning till evening.
Out the window, I got some worthwhile distraction. A swallow made a mud nest from ground breaking to completion as I sat and listened and watched but particularly watched the small bird toil and moil and soil itself all day long.
I envied the bird’s dedication, self drive and discipline. There was no slacking off even for a single moment despite the fact that no one was supervising the works.
By midday, the house had taken shape. The bird was flying in every 3-4 minutes with a mud pellet in the beak. Come 5:00pm, the structure was complete save for finishing and furnishing.
The bird was proud as it stood on the entrance to the newly built house evaluating the work of its hands or rather, beak.
The swallow did much to motivate me than all the speakers combined.
From acquiring a plot in the heart of Karen -with its name not appearing in the list of NYS beneficiaries or the list of contaminated counterfeit importers- to working the whole day without losing focus especially with swarms of other swallows flying and doing eye-catching maneuvers just nearby. The swallow could have joined its peers in the Air-Games-Show without any objections from anyone.

I also learnt that swallows are Kikuyu. At one point, this bird was on call I presume and I heard it mention “Thimiti” and “Cablo.”
What I don’t know is whether the bird organised for goat-eating (which is a trope for an envelope) or a house warming party. Maybe the house is warm already. I can’t tell.

By w & mk

An individual increasingly disturbed by each untold story.

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