Mbogo the 110kg behemoth loses a couple front teeth. 

Mbogo the 110kg behemoth loses a couple front teeth.
There is not a day that passed without him having an altercation, be it with a friend or a complete stranger.  Most altercations would develop into  one sided fights that he always won courtesy of his brute strength and years of experience.  A fight everyday keeps inexperience away.
Mbogo could fight people for varied reasons. From cutting him short in a porojo session to not giving him what he felt was his rightful share of proceeds from a deal or a handout from a politician or even a tip/gift from an aquintance.  Problem is that no matter how fair the sharing of such monies was,  Mbogo always claimed to have been short changed and it was not uncommon for him to demand all of it.
On this fateful day,  Mbogo sized up a complete stranger whom he claimed had blocked his way near Nawal Centre Mombasa.  The stranger was insisting that he had not blocked Mbogo in any way and he was apologizing profusely.
“Huyu bwana amevuka kutoka upande wa pili akanikujia kwangu lakini  hata  hivyo  nakubali lawama iwe kwangu miye na nampa pole za kwangu.”
“Washa kusema miye miye hapo leo ndiye utanitabua. “
Mbogo,  in a show of force and might was throwing punches and kicks to the air.  The shadow boxing was so malevolent that the Monsoon trade winds  would change direction. With every punch to the air, thousands of crows perched on buildings and electric cables would  fly away letting out omnious cries. They were not ready to witness the imminent tragedy.
No amount of apologizing or attempts at avoiding the fight would help the stranger. Mbogo carried on sparring in the air,  doing push-ups, somersaults, and a myriad Karate kicks. A show of might in his bare chest.
“Sasa bana kama huwezi kaitikia ombi langu fanya utakalo”, the stranger snapped folding his shirt.
Mbogo stopped shadow-boxing and started throwing punches at the stranger.
He threw a death-dealing punch that was blocked with ease.  This was a very powerful blow that triggered alarms from cars parked in a hundred meters radius. He threw another one which was blocked masterfully too.
With that blocking move came a swift strike too quick for the human eye.  Mbogo was on the pavement prostrate.  He tried to gather himself up first pivoting on one hand then knee but collapsed again to the pavement.
The stranger melted away.
Finally when Mbogo was helped up by friends,  he realized when asking ‘huyo mshenzi ako wapi?’  the  word mshenzi came out as mthenthi.  On investigating why,  he found that he had only gum where he ordinarily had his front teeth.
Somebody from the crowd handed him a tooth.
“Ndilo hili hapa moja wepo ya meno.”
He tried looking for the other teeth but found none.
At Makadara police station where he went to report the incident,  he was chased away.
“Unakuja na meno ya Zinjanthropus hapa eti mtu amekung’oa meno? Kwenda Kabisa! Hii ata ni molars na wewe unasema ni meno tatu ya Miele. “

By w & mk

An individual increasingly disturbed by each untold story.

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